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Euroflon S.r.L. is a young and dynamic company specialized in the production of gaskets and parts in PTFE and by-products. 

Euroflon was born in 1995 and it has been increasing considerably since then. Now a days the company can offer its own custumers a wide experience due to years of work.

The steady research of the quality of the products and of our costumers service has allowed us to acquire very important costumers. The quality of the products we make is the sum of our experience and the productive technology we have at our disposal.

We are always careful at the technological innovations the market offers.

Indeed we have at our disposal a production shop in the lead in terms of technology, which can guarantee a constant final product. 

Our objective is the achievement of the complete satisfaction of our costumers which can be obtained with the continous improvement of the quality of our products and of the service of our company.

The success we obtained with our costumers is for us an incentive for a consant improvement of our company.